MedTek21 v4.0 Expands Advanced Genomic Reporting, Alerts, and Real-time Connectivity to More Health Information Systems

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July 23, 2018
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June 4, 2019

MedTek21 v4.0 Expands Advanced Genomic Reporting, Alerts, and Real-time Connectivity to More Health Information Systems

July 25, 2018 – West Chester, PA – MedTek21 today announced the general availability of Version 4.0 of the MedTek21 personalized medication management software platform.  The enhancements in MedTek21 v.4.0 will empower millions of patients, pharmacists, and care providers to proactively identify and remediate dangerous and costly issues with prescribed medications within their existing care environments.  This version contains over 100 additional functionality, connectivity, and security updates developed in conjunction with feedback from existing MedTek21 customers, and a clinical advisory team consisting of leading experts in care delivery, precision medicine, and population health analytics.


Key Highlights Include:

  • Expansion of real-time two-way connections to more health information systems: MedTek21 has enhanced its already robust list of connectivity solutions in v.4.0 with native real-time connectivity to dozens of leading health information systems.  Supported two-way integrations now includes the Epic and Cerner EMR platforms; pharmacy systems such as Framework LTC, McKesson, QS/1, PioneerRx, Suite Rx, and ScriptPro; and patient management systems such as MDOfficeManager, and STI.


  • MedTek21 Alerting Module: MedTek21 makes it simple for care providers to receive real-time alerts to new patient issues.  These alerts are delivered in a format and presentation that is optimized for specific workflows and can be customized to fit a range of systems configurations to prevent alert fatigue.  MedTek21 v.4.0 can now deliver these patient alerts through native integration with existing health record systems, or through a secure standalone application that requires zero end user configuration.


  • Enhanced Medication Intervention Tracking and Reporting: MedTek21 now includes an enhanced reporting suite that enables care providers to easily track the status of patients who are at risk of genomic conflicts with their prescribed medications.  These operational reports not only help care managers hone in on utilizing MedTek21’s personalized medication guidance, but also to better track patient encounters and outcomes.


“MedTek21 v.4.0 has made it easier than ever to make precision medicine truly actionable for a wide range of the most common care workflows,” said Dave Copas, co-founder of MedTek21.  “We’re proud to have these industry-leading features available today, and sincerely appreciate our community of developers, end users, and clinical professionals for their contributions to this release.”


Existing MedTek21 customers will automatically receive the v.4.0 update and associated training materials within the coming weeks and can contact their program manager for additional information.


About MedTek21:  MedTek21 is a real-time population health and medication risk management platform that brings personalized drug-to-gene monitoring to every patient. The Company’s software-based platform works alongside existing medical record systems to continuously monitor, proactively identify, and help remediate potential medication risks. MedTek21’s mobile-based medication risk alerting, drug lookup tools, actionable reporting, and clinical support staff enable both patients and their care providers with better real-time decision making. MedTek21 is being used to positively impact outcomes and lower care costs for tens of thousands of patients across general, acute, and chronic populations. For more information on the Company, please visit