MedTek21 Partners with FamilyWize

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May 1, 2018
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MedTek21 Partners with FamilyWize

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MedTek21 and FamilyWize announced today a partnership that will give the public greater access to personalized medicine, helping patients better understand how their unique genetic profiles can influence how they metabolize certain medications.

FamilyWize and MedTek21 can help patients by offering access to MedTek21 Direct, an easy-to-use personalized medication management program. This program can help patients learn if they have been prescribed a medication that might be impacted by their unique metabolic profile. MedTek21’s software and mobile application continuously keep patients and their physicians up to date and proactively flag any new potential issues in real time. Should a prescribed medication be indicated to not improve the patient’s health, this means money is being spent on a potentially ineffective prescription with each monthly refill.

Within a few days of submitting basic medication information to MedTek21, the patient and their care provider will receive actionable data and clear summary reports highlighting potential issues based on currently prescribed medications. MedTek21 also provides the latest information about the patient’s potential reactions to an expanding list of over 250 common medication compounds and incorporates the latest in FDA prescribing guidelines and clinical research.

The partnership potentially enables consumers to experience positive results both physically and financially. The patient’s care providers can easily interpret MedTek21 Direct results to increase the efficiency of drug therapy through adjustments in the medication or medication dosages. In addition, patients can save significantly on the safest and most effective medications through FamilyWize and avoid the need to waste time and money on potentially ineffective medications.

“The prescribing of medications which are metabolized abnormally by certain patients is a growing problem, and these patients are suffering physically and financially as a result,” said Joseph Sanginiti, President and Chief Executive Officer of FamilyWize. “As advocates for the physical and financial well-being of all Americans, FamilyWize is addressing the issue head-on. Our partnership with MedTek21 will offer patients easy access to details on their unique genetic profiles and enable physicians to more accurately determine affordable treatment options. Together we will expand awareness of MedTek21 Direct and the positive impact of personalized medicine on savings and overall health.”

“We’re very pleased to announce this partnership with FamilyWize,” said Steve Salvitti, CEO of MedTek21. “Millions of FamilyWize users who have benefited from lower cost medications will now also have access to MedTek21’s mobile application, risk assessment tools, proactive recommendations, and clinical support team to analyze and remediate drug-to-gene risks. FamilyWize has a proud history of innovations that empower patients to play a role in the management of both their care and their care costs, and this partnership will truly help patients to get the best medication, at the optimal dose, and at the best price.”

The FamilyWize prescription savings program is free, has no eligibility requirements, and gives families and individuals access to their prescriptions at an affordable cost. By showing their Free FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card to the pharmacist upon pick-up, consumers can save an average of 45 percent on all FDA-approved medications.

The FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card is accepted at pharmacies nationwide, including all major chains. Visit to download their Apple or Android mobile app, print out the discount card, or simply learn more about the program.

Additional information on the science of pharmacogenomics can be found on FamilyWize’s blog at

About FamilyWize

Since 2005, FamilyWize has helped over 11 million Americans live healthier lives by saving them more than $1 billion on life-saving prescription drugs. By aggregating large groups of patients, FamilyWize advocates and negotiates for deep discounts on prescription drugs which it then passes on in full to patients. FamilyWize partners with some of the most respected community groups and health care providers in the country, including United Way Worldwide, National Council for Behavioral Health, Mental Health America, and American Heart Association, among thousands of other community organizations. To use FamilyWize, download our card or mobile app at

About MedTek21

MedTek21 is a real-time population health and medication risk management platform that brings personalized drug-to-gene monitoring to every patient. The Company’s software-based platform works alongside existing medical record systems to continuously monitor, proactively identify, and help remediate potential medication risks. MedTek21’s mobile-based medication risk alerting, drug lookup tools, actionable reporting, and clinical support staff enable both patients and their care providers with better real-time decision making. MedTek21 is being used to positively impact outcomes and lower care costs for tens of thousands of patients across general, acute, and chronic populations. For more information on the Company, please visit