MedTek21 Partners with Translational Software

JAMA: Getting Pharmacogenomics Into the Clinic
December 10, 2016
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Pro-GeneX and MedTek21 Launch Innovative Program for Long-Term Care Providers
January 19, 2017

MedTek21 Partners with Translational Software


MedTek21 and Translational Software (TSI) announced the TSIs PGx knowledge platform and Application Programming Interface (API) will enable PGx-based prescribing seamlessly within MedTek21’s population health and medication risk management platform. This partnership will help to guide treatment decisions and support the continuous analysis of newly prescribed medications for real-time population health management. MedTek21 is currently being used to positively impact care quality and outcomes across patient populations in long term care and home health, and by self-insured corporations.

“Patient indications and medications are continuously changing, especially in chronic populations,” stated Steve Salvitti, CEO of MedTek21. “TSI’s robust PGx API dramatically improves the speed and efficiency at which we can connect clinicians, healthcare providers and payers to vital PGx information and real-time drug-gene analytics. This revolutionary PGx decision support capability is helping our healthcare partners proactively improve quality of care for the most at-risk patients.”

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