• MedTek21's software delivers actionable genomic-based medication risk management reporting, ensuring the prescription of safer and more effective medications for entire patient populations.

continuous monitoring

Stay in control of new risks from changing patients and medications.

Patient populations and their medications are continuously moving. MedTek21 ensures your entire patient base is continuously monitored for potential drug/gene interaction risks, allowing you to focus your care.


Stay informed with
alerts and analytics

MedTek21 delivers the right information at the right time to impact care

MedTek21's dynamic insights and reporting uses the latest patient and pharmacogenomic data to help impact care

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Tangible care,
cost, and compliance benefits

Combine personalized medication insight with existing care and cost management programs.

MedTek is currently helping to improve overall quality of care, reduce adverse events for thousands of patients.

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Proven workflows designed for clinical professionals

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Learn more about the science of pharmacogenomics.

Full Data Compliance

Let your IT staff rest easy.

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  • Seamless connectivity with EMR/EHR systems
  • Evaluates all patient records for risks
  • Secure, cloud-based solution
  • Clinical interpretation and support

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